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Let me teach you how to help labor go FASTER and be more COMFORTABLE!

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Comprehensive childbirth education with added Christian meditations and scripture affirmations.
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What people are saying

  • Elizabeth K.

    Tara is amazing! Tara has been super informative throughout our class to the point she answered all our questions without us needing to ask them. She is a irreplaceable resource and makes herself available to help even beyond the classes. Definitely feel prepared for childbirth and breastfeeding!

  • Dr. Timmie B.

    Tara’s class was informative, down to earth, and most importantly relaxing! Learning the techniques and being mindful of my birth before I go into labor is something that feels very empowering. I feel more confident and prepared for this experience more than ever.

  • Janessa C.

    Tara is awesome! She has an amazing insight and has taught my husband and I so much! We feel way more comfortable and prepared for our upcoming birth and more. We are excited to put our education to test! Definitely take this class! So worth it!

Instructor & Founder

Senior Instructor

Tara Smith, HBCE

Tara is a mom of 4, wife of 10 years to her best friend, childbirth educator, and above all, a follower of Jesus. Tara feels as though God has been preparing her for this very mission: to share with parents how childbirth can be such an incredible opportunity for the family to draw closer to God. Tara started working in the medical field 12 years ago. She is a well-known expert in her field. Every year she takes around 50 hours of continuing education to keep her certifications and stay informed on the most updated medical information. She has not only worked, but also birthed her own babies, in the hospital, birth center, and at home. She has been a childbirth educator, student midwife, birth doula, professional birth assistant, and HypnoBirthing instructor. Tara used HypnoBirthing for her 2nd and 3rd births and used her own Biblical Birth method for an incredible spiritual birth for baby #4. She is passionate about families and advocates against mistreatment during childbirth as well as human trafficking. Tara believes in the power of prayer and prays for her students. She has taught over 5,000 childbirth students over the last 8 years and has been featured in many publications. She thinks parents should know all their options so they can make informed decisions during the birth of their baby. She feels healthy mom, healthy baby is of course the most important part of birth but not the ONLY important part. Tara believes birth can also be beautiful, bonding, comfortable, and spiritually transforming.


The price includes approximately 7 hours of class lectures, 4 pre-recorded Christian meditations, 2 scripture-based affirmation recordings(one for mom and one for dad), 7 scripture readings, and ongoing support from the instructor. Takes approx. 10 hrs total to complete.

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  • What will the class go over?

    In this class we discuss: *The stages of labor *The many options you have throughout those stages such as IV's, eating and drinking, monitoring options, episiotomies, epidurals, inductions, and many more *The role of the support person and how they can support mom physically and emotionally *Coping techniques such as massage, breathing techniques, essential oils, meditation/prayer, positioning and movement, etc. * The pros and cons for all your options *Communication techniques so you can get all the info if anything comes up * Postpartum for baby, eye ointment, bathing, skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, vitamin k, etc. * Postpartum care for mom *Breastfeeding through the first 6 weeks AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

  • What religion is this class?

    This class is not taught from the perspective of any specific religious affiliation, but its spiritual basis is on Biblical scripture focusing on building your relationship with Jesus Christ. Catholics, Protestants, and anyone else who considers themselves spiritual or in a relationship with Jesus Christ would find this class in line with and supporting their beliefs. This class uses scientific evidence-based medicine to support the information that is taught to you.

  • Does my partner watch the videos with me?

    Absolutely! I highly recommend the birth support person take the class and watch all videos with mama. The partner plays an especially important role during birth and should be trained and ready to be involved and hands on. This is a huge opportunity for dad to become bonded and deepen the relationship with his partner, his baby, and his God by doing so.